When Emily was 2 1/2 we realized the she was not saying as many words as she should have. We went to her pediatrician expressing concern and the told us to just let her develop. Give it time. As a mom, I felt I needed to go get a second opinion. I ended up taking Emily to speech therapy with Ms. Canut twice a week. Emily made a connection with her right away. She truly enjoyed going and the improvements were obvious.She ended up doing therapy for about two years and it made a world of difference in her speech and communication. Ms. Canut had such dedication and patience. She guided us through a journey that us unknown to us. We did everything she advised and the proof is in the child. I feel that therapy, techniques and support Ms. Canut shared with us and Emily is a huge contributor to the person Emily has become. I couldn't have done it alone!!

The Hernandez Family,

Cristina Canut is absolutely wonderful & a true blessing from above!! I can honestly say there is no comparison for Cristina even though I am very lucky to have her since way back then. When I first met Cristina I was immediately impressed – she is able to make my son feel comfortable and makes therapy fun for Michael. My son looks forward to his sessions and has a wonderful time. (all the while developing his speech skills and all other areas of concern). Cristina is very knowledgeable as well – her insight is always right on. She always goes above and beyond and finds creative ways and projects to motivate my son. I strongly recommend Cristina to any parent without reservation. I cannot say enough about her or thank her enough for the trust and love that has transitioned!!! She is just fabulous and has what it takes to be the speech language pathologist she is. Thank you Cristy for being part of Michael's journey in life so he may exceed to his best abilities in all he can accomplish. God bless you always!!

Mirtha Perez,

When we first met 8 years ago I was scared and worried about Daniela's speech delay. You quickly made us feel at ease. It was evident that you truly love not only your profession but the children. I was so happy when you offered an open door policy, I wanted to be directly involved since I was eager to learn how to play and stimulate Daniela's speech development. This was key in reinforcing at home what you were doing in your sessions. I am so very grateful for finding you!!! I am proud to say that Daniela has always been at the top of her class and is an outstanding student, daughter and sister.

The Fleitas Family,